the schizophrenic

Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A threat!!!
Go away
to an unknown galaxy.
Never return...
Be a martyr of this world
Be a slave of the other.
A threat!!!

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  1. it is short and cryptic - like all your other poems. the difference is, this one is intriguing: there is a luminous offer, to win the martyrdom, complemented by a prophecy-of-doom, to ready yourself for the slave's life. perhaps you wanted to say how all noble ambitions in the end are just desires with their share of darkness flowing beneath? or was it a reference to the bloggers - those who click and enter into the virtual space (another galaxy), heroes for their readers, and slaves to the promised glory of web publications. the "A Threat!!!" portion does recall a Virus warning in computers, you see...
    so far this is your best.
    Carry on Jani :)